Everes’s Farm

Clifford Freeman

After finishing school Clifford went to work for the family chicken processing business, working every part of the factory floor. He did take a short hiatus to do some stunt riding for films! He then returned to the family business and continued to work his way through the ranks, finally making his way up to director and turning it into a multi-million-pound undertaking before selling it in 2008.

Clifford was seven when his father purchased two Gloucester cows from Tetbury market. They have been a big part of his life ever since. In 2009 his father stepped back, handing over to Clifford the Noent herd of 20 cows. Fast forward to now and there are over 250 cattle in the Noent herd. With Clifford striving to improve the breed to produce Gloucesters with a purpose, he is making it his mission to future-proof the Gloucester and provide meat with flavour.

Having holidayed on Scilly as a child, he took his own children back for a visit in 2009 and decided it was somewhere he wanted to invest. So, in 2010 he purchased a hotel in receivership, St Mary’s Hall. This was quickly followed by Scilly Self-Catering, a self-catering accommodation letting agency, then a commercial laundry was added to the portfolio. Having turned them into very successful businesses, the latest project is The Beach, a BBQ restaurant.

He has recently become a trustee of the RBST as his experience gives him a rare insight into every stage of the food chain.

Craig Phillips


Everes’s Farm Head Stockman Craig Phillips has worked for Clifford for 11 years. Being the fourth generation of his family to work for Clifford’s family, they have clocked up over 100 years of service.
Passionate about traditional breeds, Craig studied Agriculture at Hartpury College before going on to work with livestock. He enjoys competing against Clifford in the show ring with his Gloucester cows from the Buryfield herd.